Alexander Abaturov on Paradise

Every summer, the front pages of newspapers around the world are filled with images of wildfires. Burning through millions of acres of land a year,

Ken August Meyer on Angel Applicant

After being diagnosed with systemic scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease, filmmaker Ken August Meyer found himself reexamining the works of 20th century Swiss-German artist Paul

FRONTRUNNER Film Review: Inna De Yard

On the green landscapes of Kingston highs, a band of singers gather up for the record of a new album. More than 30 years after their golden age, they are back on a World Tour. Inna De Yard is the human adventure of men and women who embody Reggae and wear Jamaica’s soul as a banner.

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Stéphanie Gicquel: Across Antarctica

You can be in the best physical condition, but if you cannot fund the expedition, you will stay home. You can have the best logistics on the starting line, if you are not physically prepared to survive in Antarctica, you will likely be home sooner than expected.

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Tyler Hubby: Transforming the Documentary

I wanted his works to take the foreground but found myself having to create a few visual motifs for some of the music compositions so I tried to make visuals that are more abstract and open-ended that wouldn’t take the viewer’s focus off the music but might give them some subtext for the composition.

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Alexandra Liveris: A Persistence of Vision

The film balances Calatrava as artist, architect, and engineer. But, most importantly, asks more questions than leaves answers. Is enigma a part of the art? Must we inhabit something in order to create it? What is it to find our own language, independent from schools or tendencies?

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Dianne Griffin & Erica Jordan: Painted Nails

We believe Van’s story is extra poignant because she is an immigrant and came to the United States with the assumption that she would be working in a safe environment. Audiences are very inspired by Van’s journey, because she transforms from a nail salon worker to an advocate.

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Luke Lorentzen: Santa Cruz del Islote

I wanted the film to be much more of a character piece than a broad statement regarding global issues of environmentalism. As a filmmaker, it’s great to see the film function in a variety of contexts and with a variety of messages depending on what perspective the viewer brings to the film.

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Max Good: Vigilante Vigilante

I respect both sides’ willingness to go outside the accepted legal channels to express themselves, but the buffers seem to think they have societal support behind them.

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J. Christian Jensen: White Earth

I’ll never forget the feeling of driving through the oil fields at night for the first time. It was like an otherworldly invasion with lights from oil rigs beaming in distant wheat fields and flames bursting out of the ground.

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