Short Film

Praise Be…for ‘Sacred Hair’

A boy has a chance encounter with a young woman from a different culture than his, but the two learn that they share a common bond: their hair and the sacred nature culture and society places upon it.

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Not Quite A Happy Birthday: A Look at Short Film ‘Peggy’

We all like to imagine what would happen if we could read people’s minds. Peggy (Or: The Art of Coveting in the Age of Social Media) gives us an idea of this, with all the local parents in a community going to a child’s birthday party.

Wale: An Interview With Director Barnaby Blackburn

Wale tells the story of a young boy in London who is trying to get his life on the right track, but finds himself at the mercy of a sinister plot. It has been screened at the Arizona Film Festival, the Brooklyn Film Festival and the Norwich Film Festival.

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Gogol’s ‘The Overcoat’: Reimagined

Nikolai Gogol’s classic short story, “The Overcoat,” is retold in a visually stunning film of the same name. In a story that takes the classic proverb, “Clothes make the man” to heart.

Interview with filmmaker Shelby Hadden about Tightly Wound

I think writing the essay, making this film, talking about my experiences, and helping others has been instrumental in my healing journey. I think it gave me a lot of confidence and hope in my physical and emotional progress.

Dreaming of Dance in Florence Winter Hill’s Elle

Trust your gut, if you love something – do it and fight for your dreams even if they seem impossible.  Elle is my battle cry to children to inspire them to keep going in what they love – no matter what gets in the way.

Helen O’Hanlon: Mirette

I saw that there was little or no live action footage of wire walking so set about researching the art form more.  This led me to find Mirette On the High Wire.

Interview with filmmaker Qiu Yang: A Gentle Night

I don’t believe life always has a resolution for you. Especially when you live in a country like China. Things you set out to do or problem you set out to solve, don’t always have a solution in the end.

Sing: A Q&A With Director Kristof Deak

“I like to think of it as an ode to the power of standing up united. A study of how ‘divide and conquer’ works on a small scale and how it could be defeated in an ideal world,” says film director Kristof Deak.

Alexandra Liveris: A Persistence of Vision

The film balances Calatrava as artist, architect, and engineer. But, most importantly, asks more questions than leaves answers. Is enigma a part of the art? Must we inhabit something in order to create it? What is it to find our own language, independent from schools or tendencies?

Juanjo Giménez Peña: Timecode

After an accident report obliges Luna to watch old security footage, she notices that Diego secretly likes to dance when he thinks nobody is watching, instigating a series of the two making pseudo-dance videos for each other to watch on the security camera, which they access through the use of the titular timecode.

Dustin Grella: Time & Movement

This process forces me to continue drawing, and not get distracted by operating the camera or deciding when the next frame will be captured.

Luke Lorentzen: Santa Cruz del Islote

I wanted the film to be much more of a character piece than a broad statement regarding global issues of environmentalism. As a filmmaker, it’s great to see the film function in a variety of contexts and with a variety of messages depending on what perspective the viewer brings to the film.

J. Christian Jensen: White Earth

I’ll never forget the feeling of driving through the oil fields at night for the first time. It was like an otherworldly invasion with lights from oil rigs beaming in distant wheat fields and flames bursting out of the ground.

Leslie Tai: Grave Goods Documentary Film Interview

Leslie Tai is a second-generation Chinese-American filmmaker. In her short documentary film, Grave Goods, the director pays homage to her grandmother with a sensitive reflection on mourning and remembrance.