Alexander Abaturov on Paradise

Every summer, the front pages of newspapers around the world are filled with images of wildfires. Burning through millions of acres of land a year,

FRONTRUNNER Film Review: Inna De Yard

On the green landscapes of Kingston highs, a band of singers gather up for the record of a new album. More than 30 years after their golden age, they are back on a World Tour. Inna De Yard is the human adventure of men and women who embody Reggae and wear Jamaica’s soul as a banner.

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Praise Be…for ‘Sacred Hair’

A boy has a chance encounter with a young woman from a different culture than his, but the two learn that they share a common bond: their hair and the sacred nature culture and society places upon it.

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A ‘Madre’ (Mother) of a Thriller

While at home in her apartment with her own mother in Spain, a woman gets a phone call from her six-year-old son, who’s on vacation in France with his father. What ensues is an expertly crafted and uncommonly intense thriller based on every parent’s nightmare.

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Wale: An Interview With Director Barnaby Blackburn

Wale tells the story of a young boy in London who is trying to get his life on the right track, but finds himself at the mercy of a sinister plot. It has been screened at the Arizona Film Festival, the Brooklyn Film Festival and the Norwich Film Festival.

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Sing: A Q&A With Director Kristof Deak

“I like to think of it as an ode to the power of standing up united. A study of how ‘divide and conquer’ works on a small scale and how it could be defeated in an ideal world,” says film director Kristof Deak.

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Tyler Hubby: Transforming the Documentary

I wanted his works to take the foreground but found myself having to create a few visual motifs for some of the music compositions so I tried to make visuals that are more abstract and open-ended that wouldn’t take the viewer’s focus off the music but might give them some subtext for the composition.

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Juanjo Giménez Peña: Timecode

After an accident report obliges Luna to watch old security footage, she notices that Diego secretly likes to dance when he thinks nobody is watching, instigating a series of the two making pseudo-dance videos for each other to watch on the security camera, which they access through the use of the titular timecode.

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